​Our commitment to serving our clients can be seen anywhere a Marvin Collins logo is found, whether that be a truck, a safety vest or a job site sign. To us, “Established 1944,” is not a meaningless marketing plug, but rather the first year that served as a benchmark like all those that would follow for us to improve upon, while holding fast to the values we were founded upon. It is this ever forward-progressing philosophy that has allowed us develop and maintain our most valuable working relationships with repeat clients for several decades. Much of our success over the years can also be attributed to our hands-on project delivery approach. All work on a Marvin Collins project, whether self-performed or subcontracted, is overseen and inspected by our experienced management personnel, giving us the opportunity to remediate problems before they occur and offer time and cost saving solutions to the client. Our Management staff is a composite group of seasoned industry veterans and the academically trained members of construction’s next generation. This diverse group affords us the field experience, as well as the energy and technological advancement to deliver on even the most complex projects. Also contributing to this hands-on philosophy is our capacity to self-perform many types of work to drive schedules, maintain tighter quality control or conserve our client’s budget. This winning formula has proven successful time and time again for our clients as well as their completed projects, having withstood the test of time all over the Bay Area.